A Leader in Global Event Driven Investing for Over 30 Years

With a proven track record of identifying profitable event-driven opportunities and a primary emphasis on preservation of capital, Westchester Capital Management has been an industry leader for over 30 years.


About Westchester Capital

Westchester Capital Management (WCM) is a registered investment adviser specializing in liquid alternative investment strategies. We manage a variety of investment portfolios using a combination of strategies to invest in publicly announced event opportunities such as mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, spin-offs and other corporate reorganizations, with the goal of profiting from the timely completion of these transactions.

Our investment management process is designed to deliver consistent results with low correlation to broader market returns, thereby lowering overall portfolio risk and potentially enhancing returns for a diversified portfolio.

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Latest News & Commentary from Westchester Capital

Westchester Capital Q1 Review

Portfolio Managers Roy Behren and Mike Shannon discuss the drivers behind our funds’ Q1 performance and offer their insights on the global markets in our Q1 Quarterly Review for shareholders.

Seeking Alpha

Some investors may consider including The Merger Fund (MERFX) instead of a standard bond fund, in an effort to provide diversified exposure in their “Fixed Income” assets. We are featured in a recent Seeking Alpha article titled “The Merger Fund Investor Class Has Performed Better Than Expected Since My Last Review”.