Westchester Capital Q3 Review

Portfolio Managers Roy Behren and Mike Shannon discuss the drivers behind our funds’ Q3 performance and offer their insights on the global markets in our Q3 Quarterly Review for shareholders.

Investor’s Business Daily

Looking for a fund with low volatility? Investor’s Business Daily’s Matt Krantz highlights The Merger Fund’s (MERFX) performance during the financial crisis relative to the S&P 500’s 57% drop in his article, “Did You Miss The TD Ameritrade-Schwab $8 Bil One-Day Pop? Catch The Next Deal.”

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Brendan Pedersen of Kiplinger showcases the benefits of merger arbitrage funds in his piece on November 1, 2019. Featuring commentary from co-portfolio manager Roy Behren, Pedersen reflects on M&A activity over the past year and outlook for the strategy.